Sydney December 2017 Taiji Workshop

It’s back!

Saturday 16 December and Sunday 17 December 2017.

The Chen style Practical Method two day workshop Taijiquan events are the culmination of all of Master Chen Zhonghua’s teaching techniques – and shows you how to use Taijiquan with friends to become …

Quite literally…

A Taiji body mechanics magician!

That’s a big statement I know.

But the reason I can make (and back up that statement) is because as well as you being shown how to use Taiji with graceful yet thrilling effect…

… the Taiji workshop will take things a STEP FURTHER and ALSO give you the critical missing KEY (that is not usually taught to Taiji students until they have ‘proven their worth (!??)’ by attending years and years of classes)…

What is the critical missing KEY (the critical KEY that you yourself are missing)?

Principles are one part (Click here to see some of the principles)

What else is missing?

A proper system.

When was the last time your body mind connection was challenged?

You are now ready to be challenged about your understanding of movement.

When was the last time, when someone taught you something, that you literally stepped back and scratched you head because you just could not fathom how this was possible?

Your thinking is all in the head, now is the chance to create a new connection with your body.

QUESTION: Why might you want to go through Master Chen Zhonghua’s workshop?

Take a moment to see what answer arises in you to that question…

The obvious answer now, is it will make you an absolute master as Taijiquan, and your push hands skills will amaze others.

There are, however, some “deeper” reasons (added benefits you may not have considered before) why you might want to attend the Chen style Taijiquan Practical Method workshop including:

  • It deepens all your OTHER martial arts skills (making you an all-round better martial artist or movement practitioner)
  • It gives you both a conscious and unconscious competency of using Taiji body mechanics as part of your everyday way of being.
  • It integrates body mechanics language in such a way that it’s no longer a technique that you do; but a way you naturally move through the world and interact with other people.
  • It gives you body-mechanics skills that far surpass the body mechanics skills of even the best martial artists out there.
  • It enables you to kinaesthetically understand and bond with fellow students like never before.
  • It improves not only your overall martial arts skills but it will also improve your human skills – making you a more compassionate person for those you love and truly care about.
  • It makes you creative in your ability to think about movement and in your ability to engage with anyone on a deep and energetic level.
  • It gives you a new and exciting outlook on your life – you won’t be able to wait to get out each day and move in new and uplifting ways. It will become almost addictive once you feel the body mechanics connections you are making.
  • You’ll have a better understanding of how the body works (a critical factor for each movement student, physiotherapist, personal trainer, martial artist and indeed everyone who wants to learn to be able to move better)
  • It empowers you as a martial artists and as a movement practitioner.
  • Others will see you as a class person who they feel they can really learn something from.

For all those reasons (and more besides) we’ve had all kinds of people that have jumped at the chance to get the training by a world renowned Taiji Master including…

  • many Wing Chun practitioners;
  • a solicitor;
  • many Kung Fu practitioners;
  • martial arts instructors;
  • the CEO of a Sydney accounting firm;
  • a dance teacher;
  • a Lohan Qigong Master;
  • a master control operator at a large sports media company;
  • a computer programmer at a recently NYSE listed IT firm;
  • a systems analyst;
  • a retired school teacher;
  • a graphic artist and web developer;
  • a financial analyst at a bank;
  • a bio-chemistry PhD scientist working in one of the top BSL-3 laboratories in Australia;
  • an electrician that worked on a mining site of a famous Australia mining lady;
  • government worker from various state and federal departments;
  • acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinic owner operators;
  • an actor;
  • and now, YOU.

And one thing they all seem to comment on it that way that Master Chen Zhonghua is able to break down abstract and “fuzzy” Taiji that are often shrouded it mystical language.

Compare this to language that is often used to hide concepts even the teachers don’t properly understand. “Don’t worry son, learn 15 years of Mandarin and maybe then you’ll understand where to hold your kua in the Single Whip. Till then, be baffled like the rest of us”.

Master Chen Zhonghua was born in Shandong Province, China.  His perfect English enables him to explain the body-mechanics concepts like no other Chen style master.  Master Chen integrates the explanations with hands-on exercises so you suddenly just “get” how to use the body language as part of your natural way of being. 

Curious why his English is perfect?

Well, Master Chen Zhonghua attended the Foreign Languages department at the Shandong University at Jinan to learn the languages used by the Chinese Diplomatic corps.

Also at Jinan, Black Tiger Springs is the place that changed his life.  Here he met the two people that changed his destiny.  One was Grand-Master Hong Junsheng. The other person was a student of Grand-Master Hong. Also studying at the Shandong University, this lady came from Canada.

15 years forward.

Chen Zhonghua lives in Edmonton, Canada, teaching English, Maths, and other subjects at the Edmonton High School.  As a certified Mandarin-English/ English -Mandarin translator, he translates for businesses and the State government. This also enabled him to translate books by Grand-Master Hong Junsheng and Grand-Master Feng Zhiqiang.

Accepted as the International Standards bearer for the Chen style Practical Method, his travels take him from coast to coast in Canada, the US, Ireland, Finland, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and since 2012, Australia, to teach the knowledge that Grand Master Hong imparted to him.

Is he busy? Yes, a few years back year, he spent 2 weeks of the year at home in Edmonton, that is how busy.

His practical experience in teaching is another skill that stands him apart from a lot of other Masters.

Enhanced by his years of teaching Taiji, his teachings have been refined and you are the beneficiary of that collected knowledge.


Yes, some of the best Masters were left China.

Yes, some of the best Masters were left behind.

One of the one’s who was not able to leave was Grand-Master Hong Jungsheng.  When the situation got too out of control in Beijing when the Japanese invaded the area, Hong thought he ought to do something about it.  Instead of leaving China, he moved to Jinan and established the local Anti-Japanese and Anti-Communist Association.

Your imagination cannot even touch the sides of suffering he endured as a result of this act.

Arrested, imprisoned and labelled an Anti-Revolutionary, Hong was unable to get a job, unable to live in a house or unit, unable to have a family, movement was restricted and was required to visit the police station every week.

But there was one thing that could not be taken away.  His fanatical practice of Taij that resulted in a Taiji system like no other.


Master Chen Zhonghua’s hands-on approach is unique. Master Chen does not stand on a podium where only a few of his chosen students can touch him for demonstrations. No, now you have access to a Taiji Master who will tell you: “Do anything! Do whatever.”  As the Chen style Practical Method is a body mechanics system, you learn more from touch than from seeing.

Master Chen will rarely adjust your posture. He is more interested how you got there, and where/ how you move from there. The principle is primary, not the fact that your hand is 27mm too high. He’s not interested in adjusting your body so you fall over. He is interested in you getting it right, or at least give you a picture of where your goal is.


This is one of the phrases known by all Practical Method students.

“Really Don’t Move”.

“Really Don’t Move”.

“Really Don’t Move”.

This mysterious piece of advice is THE KEY to the system.

If you watch, then you do not learn the importance of THIS KEY. Because your eye is trained to see things that move, your eye deceives you.


The mystery of Power transmission of the Chen style Practical Method is UNIQUE. You will not find it in ANY other system. It is ALIEN to other systems.  Watching a video is not going to cut it.  Now you have to FEEL it.


Come to the workshop and you take the opportunity to learn a unique movement techniques that will make you more flexible and healthy.

Now, you know that Saturday 16 December and Sunday 17 December 2017 is close to Christmas.  So, you have the choice of coming for one day, or two days.

Pay $200 and you come for one day.

Pay $360 and you come for both days.

Yes, you get to train with an international standards bearer for $25 per hour.  (I should actually charge you $50 per hour, but this period at the end of December has some peculiar expenditure patterns)

The workshop runs from 9am to 5:30pm.  You come half an hour earlier so that you get your full 8 hours of Taiji charged information.


Book and pay now before 1 December 2017, and

the one day workshop is 10% less = $180 !!

Book and pay now before 1 December 2017, and

the two days workshop are 10% less = $330 !!


Master Chen Zhonghua has more than 10,000 active students worldwide and has developed a Taijiquan training facility in China where beginners, intermediate and advance students, and masters, engage daily with others who share your passion for Taijiquan.

In addition, many students learn remotely using the vast library of online Taijiquan training videos. These videos cover workshops in other countries, form instruction videos, detailed movement analysis videos, form correction videos where other students perform the form and movements get corrected, push hands videos, application videos, and more.


Call me or text me on 0404 088112 now (but don’t call me after midnight please)


send an email to: “info (at) chenpracticalmethod (dot) com (dot) au”

To ensure your spot, now make a payment into the bank account.

DETAILS ARE ON THE >> 2017 Registration Form

CLICK HERE >> 2017 Registration Form


On Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 December Master Chen will have additional Private lessons.

One of the important tasks of every student in the system is the learning of the Taiji routine.  While the rough choreography can be learned in a short  period, once you are able to loosen some of the joints, small adjustments are need to ‘Bring you back on track’ so to say.

It is difficult to see your own mistakes, and corrections by Master Chen Zhonghua are an important to ensure uniformity among students. Billy Bob in Texas might want to make his form more flamboyant, or Hand in Germany may interpret it in a more robotic way.

If both perform every movement as an action, then they are on track.  Movement require a depth of understanding.  The deeper you go the better you feel and the better you feel the deeper you can go.  That’s right, you have to practice.

There is no substitute to working with a Master.

Imagine you play golf. Tiger Woods is in town and is giving private lessons. Would you go? YEAH. OF COURSE!!!


We may have disciple Chen Xu joining us this year.  This has been confirmed.

Also joining us in Sydney is disciple Brennan Toh from Canada.  his push hands skills are very high and you cam learn plenty from him.

There may be a discipleship ceremony this year in Sydney, but am not sure if I’m allowed to tell you.

TO REGISTER, DETAILS ARE ON THE 2017 Registration Form

You realise that Practical Method is not a fly by the wind Taiji system. This system is grounded in more tradition and analysis than the ‘approved government forms’.

You recognise that it has a proper lineage all the way to Chen Fake, the famous Chen Master that left the Chen Family Village in 1928.

You have a chance to reconnect with your body now.

You remember to register now to secure your spot in the workshop.  Pay before 1 December and receive 10% off.

When Grand Master Hong introduced the system, it revolutionised the teaching of Taiji. Now you can learn the secrets of Taiji.

You learn through repetition, not through memorisation.

Let Master Chen Zhonghua give you a good guide in the practice of Taiji, and you will never forget what he teaches you.

Oh, and before I forget.  If you come for both days of the workshop, you get a T-shirt.

Register now. 2017 Registration Form

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