Here are some testimonies of students who attended the workshops/ seminars.  The videos can all be found on Master Chen Zhonghua’s YouTube channel.

Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada – workshop testimonials

Montreal 2010 Workshop reviews (in French):

Experience of Full-time training in Edmonton, Canada.

Jean-Phillippe Ranger, Phylosophy Professor and disciple of Master Kee Hong. Jean-Phillipe Ranger has 17 years experience in ‘external’ martial arts. Video shows ‘staff training’ exercises.

Testimony of Tammy Yee, Karate and Wushu student

Testimony Alex Nay, practiced Hapkido and Kali Ilustrisimo before learning Taiji:

Testimony of David McBride in 2004

Testimony with Scot Jorgensen in 2008: