This unique Chen style combines ‘Gong’ and ‘Fa’.  ‘Gong’ is foundation training or choreography of the form, and ‘Fa’  is technique training or application.   Other Taiji styles separate ‘Gong’ and ‘Fa’.   Learning ‘the form’ (‘Gong’) becomes the main objective, and application (‘Fa’) is neglected or unknown, resulting in form devoid of meaning.  This ensures that 95% of the western world believe that Taiji is not really a ‘martial art’ but more a slow dance for older folk do in the park.  The Practical Method is a ‘Chinese Martial Art’ where no hard force is used.  It utilises ‘the structure of the movement’ and ‘the proper alignment’ to achieve non-injurious self-defense results.


Most folk who read or hear the words ‘Chinese Martial Arts’ conjure up images of Kung Fu, superhuman strength and force by martial artists who trained long and hard.  Force and strength is symbolised by the Tiger. 

Then there are other ’Chinese Martial Arts’ such as this Chen style Taijiquan Practical Method.  Where masters weighing a mere 60kg can effortlessly repulse, a 188cm/120kg opponent without force and strength, by properly aligning the body, by correctly executing the movement, by sinking and opening the kua and by using the positive circle to create an outgoing spiral with the arm. 

19th generation Chen Master Chen Zhonghua, International Standard-bearer of the Chen style Taijiquan Practical Method, has mastered this style, and is able to produce powerful results without force.  This ‘perceived’ power comes from the movement, symbolised by the  Dragon.   When you join the workshop, you receive hands-on experience with Master Chen Zhonghua.   The belief that the ‘strong’ wins against the ‘weak’, that ‘force needs to be countered with more force’, is WRONG.

Master Chen Zhonghua demonstrated time and time again in his workshops that this concept of ‘Force is superior’ is INCORRECT.   In the workshops he proved time and tiem again that strong force is useless and counterproductive.  ‘Martial artists’ of ALL types (grapplers, Kung Fu, Bagua, Jujitsu, Karate) have trained with Master Chen, and testimonies to its effectiveness can be found on Master Chen’s website.  See here (http://practicalmethod.com/lang/en/category/local-classes-for-chen-style-taijiquan-practical-method/chen-style-taijiquan-practical-method-in-new-york/) for some video testimonies by New York Police Officers who attend the New York workshop.